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Comic 63: The Contract - 3

(Sorry about the late update again! Been busy with working on 2 cosplays and also school stuff)

The big day is finally here, and Sony is going to show off the new console! Of course, Nintendo isn't going to let him get away with this that easily... (and no, Play Station with a space is not a typo, it was what the console was originally called)

Also, during these scenes I'm doing some background character cameos, going by a thread I made earlier! Presenting:
1. Lixue from Everlasting Garden Fields
2. May (human version, my design) from Chanterelle and May
3. Katherine from Twenty-Four Seven
4. Zachary from Thomas and Zachary
5. Charlotte from Pow! Right in the Nostalgia
6. Sloth from Re:Set
7. Queen Bee/Cynthia from Once Stung
8. Jeremy from Five Kids at Freddy's

More to come on next page!


by JammyTheBirb at 16th Sep 2015, 10:30 AM

Awesome page! Thanks so much! 0w0

by Zanreo at 16th Sep 2015, 10:38 AM

You're welcome! :D

by MST3KFan at 16th Sep 2015, 10:40 AM

Heh. Charlotte either transported back in time for this event or it's due to her Portal gun and jumping into different universes again. XD

Awesome cameo!

by Zanreo at 16th Sep 2015, 10:45 AM

Something like that, yeah!

by azureXtwilight at 16th Sep 2015, 10:52 AM

I see sloth! Thanks for the cameo! She looks real awesome~

by Zanreo at 16th Sep 2015, 10:57 AM

Glad you like, thanks :D

by TheMario360 at 16th Sep 2015, 1:23 PM

Apparently Zachary's a time traveler now. XD. Don't mind him, he's only here for research purposes. He definitely not here for the demos if that's what you're thinking.

Anyways, Zachary looks kinda cool here, but, I've always wondered why whenever anybody draws him, they draw him in a regular T-shirt, rather than the long sleeve one he wears in my comic.

by Zanreo at 17th Sep 2015, 6:27 AM

Haha xD

And yeah... good point, I have no idea actually when you say it.

by MadJak91 at 16th Sep 2015, 1:51 PM

I know they are cameos but one curious question:
Has cosplay or "dressing up as someone" already been a thing back then? I think cosplaying in the west has only really begun in the early 2000's.
Before that it was kind of: "Are you mad dressing as a character???"

by Zanreo at 17th Sep 2015, 6:26 AM

Well, cosplay, or the idea of dressing up as characters, actually has been around in the West for a long time (mainly at sci-fi cons) and first got known as cosplay after a Japanese reporter attending a sci-fi con in the 80s saw this and called it "cosplay" from "costume" and "play". While I'm not sure when dressing as anime/game characters, or the word "cosplay", became more common here I'd guess it started before the 00s (though there might not have been as many big cons for those back then)

by TheD-Wrek at 16th Sep 2015, 3:43 PM

Haha, how cute. Thanks for the cameo! :D

by Zanreo at 17th Sep 2015, 6:28 AM

You're welcome :D

by melaredblu at 17th Sep 2015, 5:37 AM

Love the cameos!
Nintendo is about to get or give a rude awakening. It remains to see which it will be.

by Zanreo at 17th Sep 2015, 6:29 AM

Thanks! They were fun to draw :D

And yeah... I'd say a bit of both...

by MoonLotus-Hime at 21st Sep 2015, 7:20 PM

OMG! Missed commenting this and miss this when it came out!DX Tho love how Lixue came out your style as well as rest of CF member characters~!

by Zanreo at 24th Sep 2015, 7:15 AM

Thanks! Cameos were fun to draw

by Smilocide at 28th Sep 2015, 10:03 PM

Most excellent work! Thanks again! I love the redesign!

by Zanreo at 28th Sep 2015, 10:11 PM

You're welcome, glad you like!

by 40.oz at 16th Oct 2015, 1:33 AM

I spy with my little eye, Queen Bee standing by. Thanks for putting our character in there. Maybe you should check out the first panel of page 33 of Queen Bee. See if any folks look familiar. Heheh. And thanks for having Queen Bee as a guest.

by Zanreo at 16th Oct 2015, 1:36 AM

No problem!

And... thanks for the cameos! :D

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