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Comic 61: The Contract - 1

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... I'm giving this old story the proper remake it deserves!

So, for those who didn't know, back in 1988 Nintendo and Sony tried collaborating on what was supposed to be an add-on for the SNES that could play CDs and CD games made by Sony - this was long before the Playstation existed. However, Sony might have other plans...

(Not really happy with my lineart here... also I realized I kinda suck at drawing people from the side. Oh well)


by NeilKapit at 14th Aug 2015, 2:11 AM

Looking forward to this. I heard the popular version that Nintendo was being selfish and stupid with their adherence to cartridges. Looking forward to the truer story (albeit done with fake personifications of the game companies involved).

by Zanreo at 14th Aug 2015, 2:28 AM

Yeah, I've heard too many accusations of "Nintendo just cancelled the contract out of nowhere just for the lulz" (at least this seems to be kind of implied for some comments like this) and "not going along with this deal was the dumbest thing Nintendo ever did" (if you saw what Sony would have gotten out of it and Nintendo would lose out on, it's rather understandable) which is another reason I want to do this. (The cartridge decision might have been a bad move, but that's really another discussion, and I really doubt that was the reason for cancelling)

...not saying this might not be a bit Nintendo-biased, but at least it's another viewpoint then the commonly-heard Sony-biased version of this story.

by MadJak91 at 14th Aug 2015, 2:45 AM

OK, I had no idea the deal was already in place as soon as 1988.
Though this kind of creates an error as Nintendo is already playing great SNES games in the first panel and it says 1988.
I do not have a problem with such minor error, just pointing out in case you want to change something.

Glad you are doing this. Another thing I heard is that Nintendo was backstabbing Sony with Phillips anyway but... We will probably come to how it really went with CDi as you are the expert.

by Zanreo at 14th Aug 2015, 2:54 AM

Yeah, that's when the deal started. But yeah, that's true... let's just say she's trying out the games already in development before release. Should probably do a bit of a change there

And thanks! Not only did I want to redo this story, but I really wanted to redo the old comic about it I made as it's just... bad all around.

by ProfEtheric at 14th Aug 2015, 3:24 AM

It begins!

You are definitely off to giving this story a good start!

by Zanreo at 14th Aug 2015, 3:40 AM


by melaredblu at 20th Aug 2015, 7:32 AM

Oh, this is going to be a fun story, I can tell.

by Zanreo at 20th Aug 2015, 5:06 PM

Yup :D Gonna be fun to make...

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