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Comic 19: E3 2014

So, obviously I had to make an E3 comic. This could be an annual thing. Comic was going to be out the end of last week but got delayed because I had a lot of stuff going on. But here it is!

Anyway, we had a great E3 this year! The only downside is that I didn't have too much stuff I could make fun of (especially for Sony)... oh well.

It's probably obvious from this which conference I liked the best. x3 Wasn't going to draw two panels for Nintendo at first... but I just had to draw her in that squid hat. Consider the last panel more of a bonus image

(The Atari comic will resume as soon as possible after this! Just had to take a break for E3 because... well, it's E3.)


by TheMario360 at 18th Jun 2014, 4:23 AM

Actually, It looks like you made fun of ALL their presentations.

by Zanreo at 18th Jun 2014, 5:37 PM

Yeah, it was just kinda hard to find the best joke material for some of them. But hey, I managed something!

by Stever at 18th Jun 2014, 4:39 PM

Haha! Good stuff. I like the ubisoft one the best ;D

by Zanreo at 18th Jun 2014, 5:38 PM

Yeah, all that dancing and silly excuses, am I right?

by Outlaw at 14th Jul 2014, 7:12 PM

Pretty accurate! Nice job!

by Zanreo at 26th Jul 2014, 4:42 PM


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