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Comic 12: Atari Landfill

So the legend of the E.T. Atari landfill turned out to be all true! And Microsoft’s all ready to film this important event… (Only shown on Xbox, of course)


by Stever at 6th May 2014, 2:38 PM

Great comic. I'm really looking forward to that Documentary.

by Zanreo at 6th May 2014, 6:43 PM

And me too! Though I don't have Xbox (or we have an Xbox 360 that's mostly used by my brother, but I'm not paying for Xbox Live and I'm moving out for studies anyway this autumn) but I'm sure someone will post it online so I should be able to watch it anyway. Will be exciting to watch...

by jkrack at 6th Mar 2015, 11:23 PM

Such a strange way to get rid of games. Would have been a little cooler if nobody found them for another 100 years.

by Zanreo at 6th Mar 2015, 11:53 PM

Yeah, I guess that's the best solution Atari found at the time.
And yeah, in a way it was more fun when it still had this "urban legend" status about it...

by Therazan at 30th Nov 2015, 2:27 PM

I love so much Atari's look!

by Zanreo at 30th Nov 2015, 2:36 PM

Thanks :D I also had fun designing different "versions" of Atari for her "past" and "present" looks...

by Therazan at 29th Feb 2016, 3:59 PM

She really need a warm hug.

by Zanreo at 29th Feb 2016, 4:35 PM


by Ajax at 2nd Jul 2017, 3:54 AM

Considering recent news, she just might be getting some of her old spirit back into her.

by Zanreo at 2nd Jul 2017, 1:26 PM

True... wondering what that new console might be

by eekee at 16th Aug 2022, 8:27 PM

LOL! I'm sitting here with my Atari 130XE next to me, but the state of comic-Atari makes me laugh. :)

My XE doesn't work, but I've been Retrobriting it since I've heard it can be done with just sunlight and air. It does work, but it's a very slow process in Britain. It's taken a couple of weeks to get it mostly bearable to look at, and it could do with another week or two at different angles. It might go faster without a window in the way; glass blocks UVB if I understand right. But anyway, the rainy season started today, I might not get any more sun until January.

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